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Tips To Keep In Mind for New Year Eve Catering Success!

Updated: Apr 5

December 2023

New Year’s Eve is coming just in a few hours, it’s a time to finalize your New Year resolutions and plans for a memorable party at home for your friends and family.

Have you planned anything or kept it the same as in previous years?

Well, usually, there’s no better way to ring in the New Year than to watch the ball drop with all your closest friends, family, or co-workers. But what if we add a little more excitement to it?

Always new year is like, celebrating small with an emphasis on bringing in the joy with your dearest and nearest while being responsible should be this year’s motto. Right???

But of course, nothing can bring joy like a table full of food and lots of games involving all your guests is a great way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. However, it can be hosted at any location, such as a terrace, balcony, or even your living room with windows open to enjoy the cool December weather.

The choice is yours, with endless possibilities!

Still have complicated actions regarding the finalization of the New Year Party.

Here are some great New Year's Eve Catering plans – just for you!

Important things that need to set in motion first:

  • Creating a cohesive and festive concept that will suit our venue and excite our guests with a major wow moment included.

  • Write your guest list.

  • Create a floor plan and ensure your layout allows moments for mingling, dancing, lounging, and a zone for creating food and beverage installations.

  • Create a food and beverage menu that is accessible, offers guests a dining experience they will remember, and is fuss-free and festive. Why not book a catering company to handle all the fuss like Pepe Events & Catering?

  • Go shopping. One of the favorite parts of planning an event is sourcing and coordinating all the styling elements and décor that will surprise and excite your guests.

  • Build your playlist and ask your guests to send you some of their favorite songs.

Other important tips for New Year’s Eve Catering are as follows:

Finger-Food Party: The easiest way to keep everyone happy is because it’s handy and delicious. You can go for small bite snacks like canapés, tarts, dips, and skewers.

Taste of Celebration: A Champagne Tasting! From the noise made by the cork when you open the bottle to the fizz of the bubbles, it will stimulate all the senses!

Midnight Brunch: If you are planning Dinner a little early to celebrate the countdown in the cold breeze, then with dinner try to arrange Midnight Snacks too. 

Finishing Touches to your plan is that some small additions and details throughout your party will keep your guests excited.

In the last, add a beverage corner because it’s essential at every New Years’ Eve

Party, so surprise your guests and create signature cocktails with swizzle sticks or glitter-embellished edible flowers, contemporary glitter is always a winner, and a frosé is guaranteed to quench everyone thirsts; these little details will have guests thinking they are attending an A-list party.

Come on, it’s time to be BOLD, think big, and dream creatively. Happy New Year from Pepe Events Catering!

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Jan 14

Happy New Year 2024!

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